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Meet Alicja

Conscious Love Coach

Hello beautiful souls, 

Like many of you,  I've been on a lifelong journey to discover my inner strength and my true self. 

This includes many certifications and training; Conscious Uncoupling Coaching, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Artist and Reiki, Master. 

All that is important, but it is not what has profoundly changed me and brought me to where I am right now.   It was only after realized I needed to be with my lower vibe emotions and embrace the very low points in my life that and learned to break through, break free from what was holding me back. 

Those moments teach and guide us to change and grow.  Let me help you on your journey to discovering yourself and finding that divine partnership.





I help single women to connect with a powerful vision for the partnership with their higher self, what they desire, and learn how to turn that vision into reality without repeating unconscious patterns so that they can attract and create the meaningful loving partnership they crave.

 I can guide you to manifesting, and attract growth-oriented relationships.


Embrace the process of opening up to love and removing barriers to receiving the love you deserve. 

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